11 Augustus 2017

BiSL NextWhat is BiSL Next? Does it replace the original version of BiSL or is it something completely different? It’s not called BiSL2, that might be a clue.


At least we know that BiSL is a framework for Business Information management (BIM) and stands for Business Information Services Library


BiSL Next is there because the first version of BiSL (let’s refer to it as version BiSL1) is used quit a lot (and adds a lot of value) however it’s used on a operational and tactical level and almost only in the Netherlands. And of course we need the strategic level to get involved as well!


BiSL1 is a best practice and provides a lot of guidance to mature BIM. It describes a lot of processes that can help you making BIM more efficient and effective. And many organizations use it, so it’s a proven way of working.


On the strategic level of an organization they worry about making the information provision future proof. So that should include BIM as well. Usually they do not search for a best practice that they can use to do their job. They look for all kind of guidance that can help them do their job not a framework that tells them how to do their job. And that is where BiSL Next can help you. Although it’s not a best practice (like BiSL1) it provides guidance on what to take into account if you want to make your information provision future proof. And it’s written in native English, so it’s easier to understand compared to a translation of a native Dutch publication.


So let’s assume you want to adopt an agile way of working and you choose SCRUM. In this case SCRUM will give you guidance on how to change e.g. an service in several short sprints. BiSL Next will provide the guidance on what to take into account when changing that service.


In other words BiSL Next relates more to the strategic level of an organization. It provides guidance, not the answers to the questions or guidance on how to mature your BIM organization. Nevertheless it might be useful to look into BiSl NEXT because it might help you out improving your BIM organization. As far as we are concerned BiSL1 is still a very useful best practice for implementing your Business Information Management (BIM) organization and BiSL NEXT is a valuable addition.


For more details on BiSL Next we refer tot the website of the ASL BiSL Foundation where you can download a preview.


Ton van Lieshout