European Skills Conference: "Digital Transformation and IT Professionalism"

31 Oktober 2018

On November 15th 2018, the European Skills Conference: "Digital Transformation and IT Professionalism" will take place in Brussels, Belgium. And Capgemini is there.


This conference aims to contribute to the success of the EU Skills Agenda and to increase Europe's digital talent pool and the digital capabilities of enterprises.


The event will discuss major themes addressing the digital maturity levels of enterprises and SMEs and the shortage of IT professionals with leading speakers and panellists. It will bring together 200 experts and from industry, education, government and associations from across Europe. A proposal for a Digital Capability Reference Framework for enterprises will be presented.


Speakers include CIO’s of leading European companies and associations, European Commission officials, and recognised experts in the field of digital skills and capabilities development as well as IT professionalism.


The potential of digital technologies is still not fully exploited yet. Enterprises, especially SMEs, find it difficult to build digital capabilities to take advantage of this potential. They are also exposed to cyber-attacks, ransomware, IT failures etc. The gap between supply and demand of both highly-skilled IT professionals as well as digital leaders, as new data and forecast show, emphasises the challenge business leaders face to staff for digital transformation. The initiative on digital organisational frameworks and IT professionalism, is focusing on how digital transformation of enterprises is enabled by IT competences and professionalism at individual level and digital organisational capabilities at enterprise level. It offers a coherent approach to help enterprises to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies. A consortium composed of Capgemini Consulting, IDC and empirica has been awarded a service contract by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) to support this work in synergy with other relevant activities including those of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) on IT professionalism in Europe.


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