• TOGAF® 9 Training: Level 2 Certified (NL)

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    This training helps you to apply the TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2 in practice and covers all components required to pass the exam at Certified level.

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    With an Incompany training you have several advantages:

    - You choose the location
    - You experience the training with your colleagues, so it is always in line with your practice
    - The trainer can tailor explanations, examples and assignments to your organization
    - In consultation exercises can be adapted to organization-specific questions

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    What is TOGAF® 9 Training: Level 2 Certified including exam voucher

    When you are TOGAF 9 certified at Foundation level and are going to use the TOGAF® Standard version 9.2 this training is suitable for you. The TOGAF® 9 Training: Level 2 Practitioner training will help you to apply the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 in practice. It covers all the necessary components to achieve the exam at Certified level. The training is based on the TOGAF Standard, version 9.2.
    After the training you have insight into the practical application of the TOGAF Standard,Version 9.2 and you have the right knowledge and insight to achieve the exam at Certified level.


    Who should attend TOGAF® 9 Training: Level 2 Certified including exam voucher

    The training is intended for those who want to apply the TOGAF® Standard, version 9.2 in practice and to achieve the TOGAF® Certification at Certified level. To participate in this training and to be admitted to the exam it is necessary that you are TOGAF Certified at Foundation level (level 1).
    In preparation for TOGAF® 9 Training: Level 2 Practitioner you should consider about eight hours of preparation time prior to the training and four hours of preparation for the 2nd and 3rd training day. With this training, an exam voucher is included. You will do the exam at a Pearson Vue exam centre, time and location can be booked via Pearson Vue.
    The cost for the exam is part of the total cost of training.


    This training and the exam are only accessible if you have the TOGAF®9 Foundation (level 1) certification.
    Read more about the online exam solution and (technical) prerequisites on https://certification.opengroup.org/docs/OnVUE-Take-Exam-Tutorial.pdf


    After completing the course you have the knowledge and insight to assess how to use the TOGAF Standard in your daily work and to pass the TOGAF 9 Level 2 Certified exam. For this exam you will receive a voucher where you can take the exam at a Pearson Vue location.
    Exam Information

    • Exam duration (minutes): 90 min
    • % extra time for non-native speakers: 0%
    • Number of exam questions: 40
    • Minimum to pass out of total questions: 24
    • Exam style: Multiple choice
    • Open Book: Yes
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  • e-CF competences with this course


    At Capgemini Academy we believe in transparency and clarity in the training landscape. That is why, in the table below, we show you to which e-CF competence this training or certification contributes. For more information about how to use the e-Competence Framework read more here. If you want to know how you can apply the e-CF within your organization, read more on this page.

    e-Competence Level12345
    A.1.IS and Business Strategy Alignment     
    A.3.Business Plan Development     
    A.4.Product/Service Planning     
    A.5.Architecture Design     
    A.7.Technology Trend Monitoring     
    D.10.Information and Knowledge Management     
    D.11.Needs Identification     
    D.2.ICT Quality Strategy Development     
    E.2.Project and Portfolio Management     
    E.5.Process Improvement     
    E.7.Business Change Management     
    E.8.Information Security Management     
    E.9.IS Governance