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    At work and in your private life, situations often arise in which you would like to give feedback. However, you find it difficult to give feedback. Start working on that with this indivudual training.

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    Workplace Learning means that you learn exactly what you need. With the trainer you determine your specific objectives. Over a period of maximum 3 months and within your day-to-day work, you develop the competences you need through specific assignments and feedback. Check the Spoken Language on the left for language info.


    What is Giving Clear Feedback

    At work and in your personal life situations occur frequently where you might want to give feedback. You find, however, giving feedback difficult. You are afraid the other person will react emotionally. Or you have already noticed you do not get your message accross and that despite your effort nothing has changed. You realize that positive feedback is needed to give the other the opportunity to do something about his behavior, and learn of the effect of his behavior. You also realize that it is unpleasant to bottle up your own insights and irritations.
    You would like to give more feedback in a way that is pleasant to the recipient. In this competency training you explore first the purpose of feedback. You receive a model for giving feedback, which aims to articulate the message as clear as possible without triggering much resistance. Following on you learn how to deal with your own emotions and the emotions of others.
    After completion of the training you:

    • Recognize your feedback as a means of communication and self-reflection
    • Are familiar with a model for giving feedback
    • Know how to bring the message accross
    • You can deal with the recipient's emotions when giving feedback
    • You deal with your own emotions when giving feedback
    • Know when feedback is given in appraisal and assessment interviews

    Who should attend the Giving Clear Feedback

    The training is intended for employees who want to give better feedback or good feedback more frequently in their work or personal life.
    The individual character of the training will ensure that it corresponds to your own situation and learning goals. You work with practical tasks, assignments with colleagues, practicing in your own work situation, gain introspection and interaction with your supervisor.
    Every week you discuss the completed assignments with your tutor by phone or mail. The total study is approximately three (working) days within a period of up to three months, depending on your learning objectives and time.
    The training is tailored to the needs of the participants, whether you join a group course, or if you join an individualcourse like Workplace Learning.


    No specific prior knowledge or prior education is required for participation in the training. This training does not stand on its own, but is part of several of our curricula. You want to make the right educational choice and develop optimally. Our curricula help you with this. Curious? You can find them on the Curriculum page.


    You would like to provide more feedback in a way that is convenient for the recipient. In this competence training you first explore the purpose of feedback. You will be given a model for giving feedback that is aimed at expressing the message as clearly as possible without creating much resistance. Then you learn how to deal with your own emotions and the emotions of the other. After completing the course: Recognize feedback as a means of communication and means for self-reflection. Are you familiar with a model for giving feedback? receiver Can you deal with your own emotions when giving feedback Do you know when feedback is given in performance and appraisal interviews?

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    At Capgemini Academy we believe in transparency and clarity in the training landscape. That is why, in the table below, we show you to which e-CF competence this training or certification contributes. For more information about how to use the e-Competence Framework read more here. If you want to know how you can apply the e-CF within your organization, read more on this page.

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    C.1.User Support     
    C.2.Change Support     
    C.3.Service Delivery     
    C.4.Problem Management     
    C.5.Systems Management     
    D.3.Education and Training Provision     
    D.5.Sales Proposal Development     
    E.2.Project and Portfolio Management     
    E.3.Risk Management     
    E.4.Relationship Management     
    E.5.Process Improvement     
    E.7.Business Change Management     
    E.8.Information Security Management     
    E.9.IS Governance