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    Working together has a lot to do with sensitivity and listening: by communicating well in a way that connects with the other, you make working together easier. Learn how!

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    Workplace Learning means that you learn exactly what you need. With the trainer you determine your specific objectives. Over a period of maximum 3 months and within your day-to-day work, you develop the competences you need through specific assignments and feedback. Check the Spoken Language on the left for language info.


    What is Working Together

    Working together is not yet cooperation. Do you think you can grow in your job through better cooperation with your colleague(s)? Does it work better when you learn to pay more attention to a common objective? Do you know what your strength is in collaboration? What do you contribute and what is the contribution of your colleague(s)? Collaboration means you think together, cooperate, listen to each other and will look for the win-win to achieve a common goal together. And you can learn how to collaborate.
    How do you ensure that you collaborate better? In this training you will get an understanding of what constitutes collaboration. You become aware of your contribution to collaboration, and you learn to see and to appreciate the contribution of others. Working together has much to do with sensitivity and listening: by communicating in a way that fits in with the others, you make collaboration easier.
    After completion of the training:

    • You know what collaboration is.
    • You have insight into your own contribution to collaboration.
    • You can recognize and appreciate the contributions of others.
    • You understand how you formulate your communication needs so that they optimally contribute to better cooperation.

    Who should attend the Working Together

    This training is for anyone who regularly works with others and to raise the effectiveness of such cooperation.
    The individual character of the training will ensure that it corresponds to your own experience and learning goals. You work with practical tasks, assignments with colleagues, and practice in your own work situation, perform self reflection and spar with your tutor.
    Every week you discuss the completed assignments with your tutor by phone or mail. The total study is approximately three (working) days within a period of up to three months, depending on your learning objectives and time.
    The training is tailored to the needs of the participants, whether you join a group course, or if you join an individual course like Workplace Learning.


    No specific prior education is expected from the participants.


    How do you ensure that you work better together? This course provides insight into what good collaboration means. You become aware of your contribution to cooperation, and you learn to see the contribution of others and to value them. Working together has a lot to do with sensitivity and listening: by communicating well in a way that connects with the other, you make working together easier. Someone who works well together actively contributes to the realization of common goals, promotes mutual communication, shares information smoothly with others and supports others. After completing the course: you know what collaboration means, you have insight into your own contribution to collaboration, you can recognize the contribution of others, and you have insight into how you should dress your communication in such a way that it optimally contributes to better cooperation.

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