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What does the Personal Effectiveness Test offer?

This Capgemini Academy test is a quick opportunity to gain more insight into your own performance. We use the test in various courses and trainings in the field of 'personal skills'. Examples are training for project leaders or teambuilding sessions. The test is a first step towards more self-insight and therefore an opportunity to systematically improve yourself. The key concept here is: 'Personal Effectiveness'.

What is Personal Effectiveness?

The first element has to do with yourself, namely doing what you are good at. What are you good at, what do you do with pleasure, what are your talents, which talents have you developed and does that fit in with the things you do? But also: what are you less good at and what talents can you further develop?

The second element of personal effectiveness is that you take into account the people you are dealing with, the situation you are in and the goal you want to achieve. You then act realisticly and have "both feet on the ground".

How long is the Personal Effectiveness test?

It is the intention that you fill in the questionnaire quickly. In doing so, focus primarily on your first suggestion. Completing this test will then take about 10 minutes.

What does the Personal Effectiveness test offer?

With the Test Situational Leadership of Capgemini Academy you will gain more insight into your management style. In the results you will find your preference for the different styles of management and the effectiveness of the leadership styles you have chosen. On the basis of these results you can investigate your own leadership behavior and see what your strengths and weaknesses are.

The Situational Lead Giving test is used, among other things, during the training Leading teams.

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