Which approach is most suitable for my project?


This tool consists of a few questions that help you choose the best approach for your project. There are many frameworks, methods and bodies of knowledge available for managing projects and choosing a suitable approach is usually a combination of frameworks, best practices and logical thinking.


In this questionnaire the deliverable of a project is called a "product". This can be a physical, a digital product, a service, a document, a process, a way of working or similar deliverables.


The various approaches for managing projects range from pure waterfall stages to an agile approach with short cycles of exploration and development. Combinations of these two approaches are possible when certain components of the product can be developed in an agile way, while others are built in waterfall stages. Besides, stages can also be used to verify concepts and prototypes. Another possibility is to develop the scope of a project over several stages, such as implementing a new system at various locations or building infrastructure over several stages.


The right approach for a project depends (amongst other factors) on the amount of uncertainty and the way we need to control this. The less certainty there is about the requirements and about the way we develop the product, the less reliable (long term) plans are and the more we need to make use of joint exploration with users and subject matter experts.


Waterfall: The project is developed in logical stages and a stage only starts after finishing the previous stage and obtaining formal approval for the next stage.

Evolutionary development: The project is developed in short cycles of exploration and creation. Experimentation and exploration together with users are essential in this approach.