• Tailored Training Courses & Incompany

  • Tailored Training Courses

    The option to tailor training courses to specific needs enables you as employer or manager to arrange a specific course for your employees on a location of your own preference. You can choose between a fully tailored training or just pick one of our standard training courses. 

    Why should you go for a tailored course?

    • Courses can take place on a location of your preference. This way your employees won't have to travel that much which will save time and money.
    • By enrolling a group of employees at one time costs can be reduced.
    • Your employees will take the course in a realistic (practical) environment with fellow colleagues.
    • We are able to copy the work environment of your employees as much as possible. Helping them to put there new skills into practice.
    • All standard courses you'll find on this website can be tailored to your specific wishes
    • We have a large company focused set of courses you will not find on this website, but can be deployed for your company
  • Tailored courses & Incompany

    • Courses are fully tailored to the specific needs of your employees
    • Courses take place on a location of your preference
    • We use actual cases from your company during the courses
    • We train to certify
    • Cost efficient


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