• Succeeding in the Digital Age

    Succeeding in the Digital AgeAs Bob Dylan once sang: ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’’. And he was right: the only thing that stays the same is change itself.


    Ground-breaking revolutions, and there have been many, are as old as time itself. From the Bronze Age in pre-history, via the first industrial revolution in the eighteenth century [the steam engine], to the most recent, third, industrial revolution that unfolded at the end of last century [computers]. We have, at last, arrived in the following age: The Digital Age.


    There are great expectations for this age. The age offers many new opportunities: what about self-driving cars, intelligent robots and selfcommunicating domestic appliances?


    Each revolution brings its own threats. Threats to our work: ‘Is our work about to be taken over by smart robots?’ to our privacy: ‘Is ‘Big Brother’ watching me?’ and for our security: ‘Can our identities be stolen?


    One thing is certain: The Digital Age is upon us. The world is turned on its head all over again. The question is how, in this age, you can grasp the new opportunities and ward off the threats. In short, how can you use the situation to your advantage? That’s up to you, and that’s where Capgemini Academy can be of assistance. 


    This booklet describes our views on successful companies in the Digital Age. We take you on a journey through the developments in the Digital Age. And give you an insight into how you can develop personally. We explain how we can oversee your success as an IT professional in the Digital Age.


    Download 'Succeeding in the Digital Age' and discover how your organisation can succeed in the digital age.


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    Succeeding in the digital age is a though challenge for many organisations. Especially because the 'digital' world is unexplored territory for them. Capgemini has been active in the world of IT for over 50 years and is one of the pioneers on the field of digital. That's why for Capgemini Academy, being in the digital world is like being a fish in the water. Would like to know more about what we could do for you? We're eager to hear the challenges you and your organisation cope with. Call us via +31 (0)30 203 0510 or send us an e-mail via the contact form below.