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    How can we make learning as accessible as possible?

    A Virtual Classroom course combines the advantages of Classroom training with the possibilities 21th century technology offers us. Trainer and students log in to an online session via a website. This gives them the flexibility to choose from which physical location they join the course, from their office, home, a hotel or even their bed! The trainer and students interact with each other via sound, chat, webcam and screen sharing. It’s even possible to work in small groups, via virtual break-out sessions.


    No travel time

    Virtual Classroom gives you the opportunity and control to choose a location from where you want to join the session. This saves a lot of travel time and costs. Students and trainers from all over the world can join the session andn iteract with each other.


    Organizing is easy

    No classroom, catering or other materials are needed. This makes things easy, as most organizations have a lack of suitable meeting rooms. It saves effort and costs when you don’t need a classroom.


    Design the best learning experience

    Virtual Classroom is a perfect base for a blended training: a combination of self-study and short virtual sessions to focus on applying the theory in practice. Of course, the classroom has not suddenly become worthless: classroom training is still valuable and can be additional to the virtual classroom.


    Example: “Flipping the classroom”

    An effective way of working is by “flipping the classroom”. Instead of doing everything during the training session, ask students to do homework before the class. Let them study ahead with a book, e-learning or via exercises. Then, during the virtual session, give further explanation, answer questions and explain how to apply the theory in practice. Ask your students questions via polls or let them work in sub-groups via break-out sessions. All within the virtual classroom.


    What do we offer?

    • Best in class WebEx user interface accessible via website.
    • A host that is available throughout the session to help trainer and students with technical difficulties.
    • A trainer who has been trained to handle virtual sessions.



    • Virtual Classroom must fit with the learning objectives.
    • Students need to have a good and stable internet connection.
    • Students need to have a compatible headset.


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    Want to know more?

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