• TechnoVision 2017 (2) – Realizing digital ambitions: IT’s all about the people

    Webinar TechnoVision 2017 (2) Petra Hendriksen

    In the previous webinar Ron Tolido sketched a clear image on the newest tech trends. What do we need to adopt these digital trends? Yes, people!


    It’s the people of the organizations which transform these tech trends to working solutions, product innovations and embed these into the current services and methods. In this live webinar Petra Hendriksen from Capgemini Academy, will discuss the newest insights and developments on how to inspire people, how to facilitate them with learning and how to make sure their ambitions lead to performance.


    In this inspiring webinar you will hear how you, as an executive or HR manager, can move your people in this age of digitization.



    Petra Hendriksen TechnoVision 2017 (2)



    Petra Hendriksen, Business Innovator


    Petra Hendriksen is a business innovator for Capgemini Academy. She designs innovative learning programs for organizations with digital ambitions. Her years of experience as a Change Manager in IT and Business-IT alignment have taught her that the most successful change factor is “learning”. When people are touched, something really change.


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