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    Technology is NOT the (only) solution

    Download de brochureThe next industrial revolution is here. And it’s in full swing. Many new opportunities arise and we all stumble and fall when choosing new technologies, implementing agility and exploring new business models.


    Today’s organizations are highly being affected by this latest industrial revolution. Automation (Electronics, the Internet and IT), and cyber physical systems (Robotics, autonomous cars) are influencing businesses increasingly. As we’ve moved through the age of steam and electricity, leading to global industrialization, we now face a revolution that threatens jobs and at the same time provides many new opportunities. New opportunities that require innovation as we seek to find differentiating offerings in our market.


    However. Innovation can be a real wicked challenge. In many cases we turn to new technologies as the key driver of innovation or we start adopting agile ways of working, expecting they will deliver us value as soon as possible. However, where technology (or a mix of technologies) should always be driving innovative solutions it is still about getting the right people and the right mindsets in the room to come up with that one ground breaking innovative idea. And agile is not the best fit for igniting creativity and for understanding what your clients really need.


    Read more about the Wicked Challenge Studio in our brochure.


    1) A Wicked Challenge is that one challenge faced by your team, department or organization that seems to be a puzzle so persistent, pervasive or slippery that it can seem insoluble. Yet a challenge you want to overcome. To find that niche in your industry and to grow your business or to increase your efficiency.


    2) "We present the Wicked Challenge Studio. A place in which “we seek to Integrate what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.” - Marty Neumeier, The Design Full Company


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