• Workforce Transformation

    These days IT-managers have a demanding task. ICT is an area or expertise, where the developments go faster and faster. This is very demanding for IT professionals. On top of that, IT and Business increasingly depend on each other.


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    Organizations achieve more with less thanks to IT Workforce Transformation

    Many organizations look critically at the cost and IT is a large part of those cost. More needs to be achieved with less people, and on top of that, staff need other skillsets.


    These days, IT departments often make a change from executing to directing. Employees need to be able to be more customer-oriented and need an overview of the complete delivery chain. 


    To accomplish this, a training plan is no longer sufficient. Now it's time for a complete Workforce Transformation. A process of change that connects a department permanently to the Business and to IT-market standards.


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    IT Workforce Transformation: the integrated improvement programme

    First we establish the desired situation. We don’t just look at today’s demands, but also at what it takes to make your employees sustainable employable, to create the flexibility to address tomorrow’s questions. We use market standards. That has many benefits. It is cost efficient, because you can use existing material. You increase employability and you will increase your attractiveness as an employer. In addition, you create a system that is well maintainable.


    How fit is your IT organization really? To establish that, Capgemini Academy uses assessments. In these assessments we plot both existing knowledge and competences of employees and also their ambitions, their strong and weaker aspects, their development potential and even their learning preferences. Based on these results and in cooperation with you, we create a transformation programme, in which various elements can be included.


    In this way you start a change process that connects the IT Department permanently to the Business and to IT-market standards. With respect for the wishes of the business, IT's rules for the road and respect for the interests of the people who work there. Only this way the department can play a proactive role and move along with the business in a flexible way.


    Workforce Transformation elements:

    • Competency profiles
      Competencies are personal qualities like knowledge, personal skills and style. We compose competency profiles for the roles in your organization, including the IT component.
    • Curricula and certification
      Curricula and certification in line with the change in your organization, prepared with the knowledge and experience of Capgemini Academy.
    • Assessments and formation planning
      Our assessments plot accurately where you stand, how big the gap is between the desired situation and how well this gap can be bridged.
    • Development plans
      An effective implementation of the development need per employee provides balance in budget, available resources and objectives.
    • Project Management
      Project responsibility, project management and a responsibility for the results.


    The benefits of Workforce Transformation in one overview

    • Insight into the abilities of your employees.
    • Permanent connection of the IT Department(s) to the business and to IT standards.
    • Savings through cost effective development of your employees.
    • Full guidance, from need to result.


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