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    How can you inspire people to learn more about innovative digital trends? Want to know more about the MOOC on this subject?

    End of 2017 Capgemini launched a MOOC on Innovative Digital Trends, a free online course for people inside and outside IT, who were curious to learn more from experts on the subject and interact with each other to discuss. Want to know more? Please, continue to read.


    Innovative Digital Trends

    Nowadays we keep hearing about all of these new trends like lean, artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud, machine learning, robotics and virtual reality. As humans, we're struggling with the overwhelming amount of new technologies we're presented with.

    What are the new technologies, how can you make use of them and most of all: how will it affect you, your daily life and your work?

    Knowing about new technologies and their developments is not something that is just meant for the IT department anymore. Whether you’re a consultant, marketeer or an accountant you need to use the latest tools and technologies to keep up. With the MOOC 'Innovative Digital Trends' we aim to make this complex matter easy to understand for anyone.



    Nearly 2000 people participated, largely from the Netherlands, but also from Australia, the middle east, South America, the USA & Canada, India and other parts of Europe.


    Who is this MOOC for?

    The MOOC 'Innovative Digital Trends' is aimed at all professionals in business and IT who seek a fun, interactive, flexible, fast and easy way to keep up to date in todays digital innovative world.

    But the MOOC will also prove valuable for business managers who want to make well informed decisions that will an impact on the future of their business.

    And definitely for HR and Transformation managers who want to stimulate the employees withinin their organization to innovate.


    'Why should I participate in this MOOC?'

    Join our MOOC if you're looking for a fun, interactive, flexible, self-paced, fast and easy way to keep up to date in the digital innovative world.

    Participants can chose to do just the high level – low entry – course, but you can also go a spade deeper and learn more about the ins and outs of the applicability of the different solutions.


    How the MOOC is set up

    Duration: 4 weeks

    Learning method: Self-paced

    Participation: By registration

    Costs: At request

    Expexted time investment: ± 2 hours a week


    The MOOC has a total duration of four weeks. During these weeks we will cover several themes regarding innovative digital trends. We will do this by sharing video’s, blogs, readings, etc. with you. At the end of each topic we will challenge you with a number of questions and statements.


    Parallel to this, a discussion platform will be created where you can share thoughts, ideas and content with the other participants. The idea is that you don't just learn from us, but also from each other.


    The MOOC is self-paced. You decide when and where you want to take the course, within the four week period. 


    Themes per week


    Week 1: What is innovation and how do you innovate?
    Innovation is one of the hot topics at the moment. Technology evolves faster than ever. What is innovation? How do we embrace the possibilities and take the opportunities that emerge around us. This block looks at how digital innovation can be embraced and some of the methods and approaches to make innovations work for you.


    Week 2: How to manage your journey to the cloud
    Cloud computing is everywhere and it's quickly becoming the new normal. But what is the cloud? Where is the cloud? How do you go to the cloud? These are all questions you've probably heard or even asked yourself. So, if you want to get an introduction into 'all-things-Cloud' and you're looking for answers to your questions then join us in this part of the MOOC.


    Week 3: Automation/Robotics
    Processes, robots, RPA, Cognitive Tooling... What is Automation? Possibly an ungrasping and elusive term but what if it means that robots will take over your work? That many services can be 24 hr available? That you as a customer will only receive relevant information? Automation has a different meaning for everyone, so sign up for the MOOC and join the discussion on automation.


    Week 4: Changing the world with Artificial Intelligence
    You’ve probably heard about Artificial Intelligence, or AI. You've heard it’s how we’re going to save the world. Or take over the world. But what else have you heard? Do you know how it’s changing the world right now as we speak? Register for the MOOC and we’ll tell you all about Artificial Intelligence. We will discuss topics like deep learning, natural language processing and visual recognition to answer the questions ‘What is AI’ and more importantly ‘what can you do with it’?



    This MOOC was presented by Capgemini Academy and facilitated bij a.o. Capgemini Europe CTO Frank Wammes. A team of several enthusiastic subject matter experts created and curated the content and facilitated the discussions, including:



    Frank Wammes 
    CTO Capgemini Europe

    Henk Vermeulen  
    Lead CoZone

    Cheryl van Heyningen 
    Head of Cloud Center of Excellence

    Chris Vinke 
    Robotic Process Automation Lead

    Marijn Markus
    Data Scientist


    Guillaume Boog 
    Innovation Consultant

    Petra Hendriksen 
    Innovation manager

    Rob Bartelds 
    Project Lead


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