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    Practice as foundation

    Like no other institute, we are familiar with our students’ daily practice. Tens of thousands of our colleagues around the world deal with it on a daily basis. This practice serves as a foundation for everything we do. In course development, we work from practice experience and we continually use this experience to assess the added value and up-to-dateness of our program. Our trainers and coaches are themselves active IT professionals. As such, we ensure that their training programs incorporate the latest insights, technological developments and best practices.

    Flexible and personal

    Nobody is irreplaceable. IT professionals, however, come quite close. Their rare knowledge and skills are instrumental in coping with the pressures any IT organization has to deal with. Time is always an issue, including when it comes to training. On top of that, one IT professional is different from the next. Each individual has their own favorite style of learning. Capgemini Academy caters to those differences with a flexible course program. Each course can be tailored to individual needs: in-class or individual, at any location, at any time. The student is always at
    the center, with his specific role and skills, his learning goals, his personal learning preferences, his ambition and, of course, his schedule.

    Learned today, applied tomorrow

    Our goal is to enable the student to reach his learning goals in the most efficient way possible and to add to his productivity. In other words: Our student should be able to apply tomorrow what he has learned today. All our courses adhere to this central tenet. To achieve this, our students get the best possible training and coaching.

    Certification: proof of proficiency

    We certify a growing number of IT professionals, of course in adherence to current market standards such as The Open Group. With an acknowledged certificate, professionals can prove that they have the proficiency and skills needed for the job at hand. As such, certification is important to both the student and the organization. It contributes to the harmonization of IT roles and the determination of realistic expectations with regards to skills. Not surprisingly, a growing number of organizations require job applicants to hand over any certificates they may have achieved. Such certificates serve as acts of proficiency that may be decisive in the candidate selection procedure.

    Wide range of courses

    The portfolio of Capgemini Academy has grown into a wide range of courses that goes beyond mere IT. We think that modern IT specialists should also have good social and communicative skills and should have a good understanding of business; because of this, a number of our courses is devoted to such skills.
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    Reykjavikplein 1

    3543 KA Utrecht

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    Aristo Amsterdam

    Teleportboulevard 100

    1043 EJ Amsterdam

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    Vestdijk 30 

    5611 CC Eindhoven

    Telephone: 088 - 230 10 40



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    High Tech Campus Eindhoven Location


    High Tech Campus 1

    5656 AE Eindhoven - The Netherlands

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