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    Digital ambitions are at the top of every executive’s agenda. The world is smaller through use of digital technologies leading to more global operation and collaboration.


    People within these organizations need to be tuned to the digital developments to realize these ambitions and work globally. This involves people from both IT and business.


    Most organizations however experience employability challenges to close the digital skill gap, working with alternative sourcing models and on a global level. Capgemini Academy is the people partner for organizations with a strong digital ambition, who are facing these challenges.


    We help to inspire people to adopt digital trends and maturing their skills. We offer best in class offerings to facilitate the learning process, such as learning plans, competence profiles, assessments, modern learning journeys and high impact (virtual) classroom sessions. We ensure that this leads to measurable competence improvement and business results.


    How we do all this? Explore our services below.


    Workforce TransformationWorkforce Transformation

    These days IT-managers have a demanding task. ICT is an area or expertise, where the developments go faster and faster.  This is very demanding for IT professionals. On top of that, IT and Business increasingly depend on each other. Is it time for a Workforce Transformation?


    e-Competence Framework e-CF

    Sustainable employable with e-CF

    The E-Competence Framework (e-CF) offers a tremendous number of options for motivating an IT population and making it professional. However, this demands a clear vision, a well-defined objective and a practical, viable strategy. Without these criteria, the e-CF is merely a competence model that will end up unused in a drawer like so many other models and reports How to use the e-CF effectively? 


    Competentence RadarCompetence Radar

    Do you want to understand the existing capabilities of your IT professionals? Efficient training resulting in flexibility, speed and cost? Increase (internal) mobility of your (IT) professionals?

    It is essential that your employees continue to develop the right skills. The Competence Radar will help you.



    E-learning has many advantages. Capgemini Academy has a broad experience in designing and developing e-learning modules. We do this based on the ADDIE model, which we tailored to add our own steps and delivery moments. Capgemini Academy offers you expertise on digital learning, graphical design and e-learning development. Read more...


    Maatwerk trainingenTailored Training Courses & InCompany

    A tailored training enables you to let your employees, simultaneously, follow the same training courses at a location of your choice. You can choose a tailored training program or any of our training courses from the Open roster. The training courses are usually at the intersection of IT, business processes and personal skills. Read more...

    All You Can Train

    All You Can Train

    Continuous development is crucial for IT professionals. Employee training has changed a lot over the years. These days, it has to be fast, attractively priced and above all, effective.In order to cope with this dilemma and ensure you that your IT professionals are fit and employable, Capgemini Academy now offers All You Can Train.



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    • We can count on over 180.000 IT-Professionals worldwide
    • All our trainers have relevant practical experience
    • We train & coach over 12.000 IT-Professionals each year
    • Our students value us with an average of 8.2 out of 10
    • We understand what IT-Professionals need to stay fit for the future