09 February 2023

All You Can Train: Limitless personal development at a fixed rate

Due to the tight labor market, well trained professionals are in very high demand. How do you retain and motivate your workforce? How do you make your organization an attractive place to work for new talent? Unlimited personal development is the answer and our All You Can Train program the way to achieve it.​


There is nothing wrong with a fat pay check at the end of each month, but most young professionals are looking for more in a job than just a good pay these days. Young people want to continuously develop themselves and are hungry for new knowledge and skills as this offers them with a broader career perspective. A need that makes sense, because moving between roles and companies is throughout one's career is the norm these days. Does your organization support the needs of your talent? And how do you decide what kind of development your talents need?


300 courses that can be attended right now

Our All You Can Train program is the ultimate one stop shop. Your workforce will be able to pick from a portfolio of more than 300 courses across Tech, Methods & Certifications and Personal Skills and Leadership domains to match their personal learning goals and career ambitions. Right after signing up, they can get going:​


  • • During daytime and at night
  • • In English and Dutch​
  • • Onsite and online
  • • and e-learning


Junior to senior level

Our courses are set up for anyone with a background in higher education where usually only a bit of specific knowledge or experience with the topic is required to get started. We provide courses for both junior and senior professionals. Our courses are highly valued by our students, receiving an 8.7 out of 10 on average. To further upgrade your resume, almost 100 courses in our portfolio lead to an internationally recognized certification. All You Can Train is suitable for workforces of at least 20 employees. The fixed monthly costs per student depend on the total group size.​


Learn more about All You Can Train

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