• AnyTime AnyPlace Exams EXIN

    You can take exams with Capgemini at any time and place.
    At home, at work or at another location that is convenient for you.
    All you have to do is book your exam, you register and then take the exam.

    How do you take the test?

    The exam is web proctored. This means that you take the exam on a chosen time and place. With your laptop or PC and supervised by a web proctor (video supervisor). The webproctor ensures that the examination takes place in the correct manner.
    To be certain that the examination runs smoothly, we advise you to check at least two days in advance that your laptop or PC, the connection works at the location where you want to do the exam and the associated room provides the right amount of room and comfort.
    Test here if your laptop / PC is available for a webproctored exam. 

    Examination Procedure AnyTime AnyPlace EXIN exams

    After your booking you will receive an email invitation from Exin. Click on the link 'EXIN Anywhere - Exams Online' in the invitation email. The next steps are explained on screen and include the following actions:
    • Confirm your personal data conform to the requirements
    • Check your computer configuration
    • Download the EXIN Anywhere software
    • Enter the Exam code from your invitation email
    • Show your identification and examination environment and take a picture of yourself
    • Click the green arrow to start your exam
    After the exam you can view the Coaching Report under the Feedback button and you will receive a preliminary result by mail. An e-mail informs you at the moment the official result is known.
    The moment you passed, you can download a digital certificate of the website. This procedure ensures a safe and reliable exam. You can also consult this procedure on the EXIN website.
    For more information on the 'EXIN Anywhere' concept, please check out the EXIN Anywhere page on the EXIN website.

    Exam Pre-conditions

    You can take the web proctored exam if you satisfy the following conditions:
    • Your basic knowledge of the English language is sufficient to communicate with the web proctor
    • You are in possession of a laptop/computer with microphone, speakers and a webcam
    • You have internet access with sufficient bandwidth
    • You have a guaranteed undisturbed space where you can take the exam
    • The place where you do the exam must be empty, quiet and well-lit .
    • Your eyes must all the time be directed to the computer screen.
    • The configuration should be such that the exam can only be done online.
    The full list of the conditions can be found on the EXIN website.

    General terms & Conditions EXIN

    In this exam the Terms and Conditions of EXIN apply. These can be viewed on the EXIN website as well. 
    Allow plenty of time to schedule your exam, the turnaround time for acknowledgement of your entry can be up to five days.