• Agile Business Analysis

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    Do you want to be involved in a Project from cradle to completion as a business analyst? Do you want to be involved in a Project from cradle to completion as a business analyst? As an Agile Business Analyst you don't stop when you have described a solution in general terms. You are the spider in the web of the development team and together you ensure that the best solution is created in the best way. Capgemini Academy offers two practical and certified training courses according to the DSDM methodology that give you (even more) insight into an agile way of working and your role as a business analyst in it. For both the novice business analyst and the more experienced analyst without agile experience.

  • Why choose Capgemini Academy?

    • We are part of one of the largest and most innovative IT service providers in the world
    • We have a cutting edge portfolio which we provide to you both in the class room and online
    • Most of our courses include an (official) exam and certification
    • Our trainers are experienced IT-professionals who combine years of teaching experience with a passion for everything IT
    • Our students award us with a 8.6/10 on average

    Please reach out to us if you have any questions. You can reach us by filling out our contact form, or please call us at +31 (0) 30 203 0510 on Monday till Friday between 8.30am – 5.00pm CET.

    Classroom, online, blended and in-company

    Capgemini Academy offers its training in a wide variety of formats. Of course you can choose from classroom, online or blended, but often you can also follow your training 'In Company'. So within the walls of your own organization. To make the training sessions even more fun and to ensure that you get even more return from your training hours, we use various tools and methods. Think of video, games, quizzes, webinars and use of practical cases. And if you still have questions after your training? Our trainers are happy to help you.

    Why Agile Business Analysis?

    The Agile way of working was created to arrive faster and more flexibly at a solution that optimally fits the business. A 'traditional' business analyst does the preliminary work for this solution, but then plays (almost) no role in the development process. This allows interpretation differences at a later stage and thus a solution that does not 100% meet the needs of the business. As an Agile Business Analyst you are really part of the agile development team and you have a helicopter view of where the solution is going. So you can adjust at any time. This leads to more suitable solutions.

    Which Agile Business Analysis training courses do we offer?

    • Agile Business Analysis Foundation: knowledge of the Agile Framework (processes and roles) and the role of the business analyst within the context of an Agile team
    • Agile Business Analysis Practitioner: putting what has been learned from Business Analysis Foundation into practice on the basis of your own project or on the basis of an example case

    Who are our Agile Business Analysis training courses for?

    For anyone dealing with Business Analysis tasks and becoming part of an agile team. Whether you are just starting out or are (very) experienced. Think of:

    • Business analysts in an Agile environment
    • Experienced business analysts who want to make the transition to Agile
    • Product developers who want to grow into Agile Business Analysts

    Our Agile Business Analysis trainers

    Our trainers are specialists in their field. They are trained, fully certified, are part of a professional group and often have both feet in the clay. They love nothing more than sharing their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you and are able to link theory to practice like no other. Introduce:

    Wijnand Lens: Trainer Agile BA
    “It is my passion to make people better in their work, I do everything for that.”

    Agile Business Analysis certification

    Our Agile Business Analysis training courses lead to an official, internationally recognized DSDM certification. You will find more information about this on the detail pages of the training courses.