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    BiSL®, the Business Information Services Library, helps aligning the business and IT processes. Learn how to do this and prepare for your exam.

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    In group training, we use several learning methods to help you obtain the knowledge, give you helpful insights and get you inspired. Check the Spoken language and Language materials on the left for language info.

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    BiSL3® Foundation training including exam voucher
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    What is BiSL3® Foundation training including exam voucher

    Most companies spent a lot of money and time on IT. BiSL3® can help to improve business processes and the alignment of business and IT. So BiSL helps you to make more money in the business processes and spend less on IT.
    The latest version of BiSL became available in August 2020. This version is fully compatible with the version from 2012 but has been adapted to the latest developments in the field, which extends from functional management to strategic information management. In this version 3, for example, extra attention is paid to information security and cooperation with partner organizations.
    After this training you understand the Business Information Services Library (BiSL3®) process framework for business information management. You know the BiSL3® framework, encompassing the best way to manage and execute business information management in day-to-day practice, and you are able to use BiSL3® to improve business processes and the alignment of business and IT.
    At the end of this training course the participants will be prepared for the official BiSL3® Foundation exam.
    This training includes a voucher for the official, internationally recognized exam.
    The costs of the exam voucher are included in the price of the training. Shortly after the start of the training you will receive a voucher with which you can reserve your exam.
    Bear in mind that you must plan your exam at least 5 working days in advance.
    For more info check: https://academy.capgemini.nl/en/topic/exams-capgemini-academy


    Who should attend BiSL3® Foundation training including exam voucher

    The training is intended for professionals who have been working in for some time the field of functional management or from another function or role have gained insight into and in addition it is interesting for professionals who, as managers, are responsible for functional management or information management. For example, you work in a role such as:

    • Information manager
    • Functional manager
    • System owner
    • Product manager
    • Business manager
    • Business manager and consultant
    • Super user or Key User


    No conditions have been set. Some experience with functional management is an advantage.


    After this training you have an overview of the Business course Information management and you understand the Business Information Services Library (BiSL3®) process framework for Business Information Management.
    You understand the BiSL3® model and are able to implement it in daily practice to apply and control.
    You are able to use BiSL3® to Implement and improve Business Information Management.
    A few concrete objectives include understanding:

    • coherence and dependence between Business and IT structure
    • terminology of BiSL3®
    • objective and subjects of each operational, tactical and strategic cluster
    • activities and results of each cluster
    • introduction of BiSL3®
    • coherence of BiSL3® with other frameworks such as ITIL®, ASL® and SCRUM®

    At the end of this training you are prepared for it official BiSL3® Foundation exam.
    Exam Information

    • Exam duration (minutes): 60 min
    • % extra time for non-native speakers: 25%
    • Number of exam questions: 40
    • Minimum to pass out of total questions: 26
    • Exam style: Multiple choice
    • Open Book: No
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  • e-CF competences with this course


    At Capgemini Academy we believe in transparency and clarity in the training landscape. That is why, in the table below, we show you to which e-CF competence this training or certification contributes. For more information about how to use the e-Competence Framework read more here. If you want to know how you can apply the e-CF within your organization, read more on this page.

    e-Competence Level12345
    A.1.IS and Business Strategy Alignment     
    A.3.Business Plan Development     
    A.4.Product/Service Planning     
    C.1.User Support     
    C.2.Change Support     
    C.3.Service Delivery     
    D.10.Information and Knowledge Management     
    D.11.Needs Identification     
    E.2.Project and Portfolio Management     
    E.4.Relationship Management     
    E.7.Business Change Management