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    With DevOps we want to achieve that we can deliver valuable, high-quality (IT) products to our customers faster, at lower costs. But what is needed for that?

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    In group training, we use several learning methods to help you obtain the knowledge, give you helpful insights and get you inspired. Check the Spoken language and Language materials on the left for language info.

    • 18-1-2023
    • 21-4-2023
    • 7-6-2023
    • 3-7-2023
    DevOps Awareness (NL)
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    What is DevOps Awareness

    DevOps is hot! But what is it actually? Is it just the setting up of teams with development and operations staff? Should we focus on tools? The DevOps Awareness training provides you in one session a broad overview of DevOps!
    Ask 10 different people what DevOps is and you get 10 different answers. We therefore approach DevOps in this short training from a number of different perspectives.
    We will cover issues such as Continuous Integration, Continuous delivery, Continuous Deployment, Culture, Transparency and starting with DevOps. We will offer tips for research on these subjects by means of books and websites. We also provide an overview of commonly used tools .


    Who should attend DevOps Awareness

    The DevOps Awareness training is designed for anyone who wants to know more about the detail behind DevOps.


    We assume that the participants in the DevOps Awareness training have gained general knowledge of Agile and / or Scrum. Knowledge or experience in the field of system development is not required.


    The objective of the DevOps Awareness training is to gain insight into what DevOps is all about.

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    A.1.IS and Business Strategy Alignment     
    A.4.Product/Service Planning     
    A.5.Architecture Design     
    A.6.Application Design     
    B.1.Application Development     
    B.2.Component Integration     
    B.4.Solution Deployment     
    C.2.Change Support     
    C.3.Service Delivery     
    C.4.Problem Management     
    D.11.Needs Identification     
    D.2.ICT Quality Strategy Development     
    D.5.Sales Proposal Development     
    D.8.Contract Management     
    E.5.Process Improvement