• Requirements

    Follow a Requirements training at Capgemini Academy

    Chances are that you have to deal with requirements in your work. Requirements are essential in the development and purchase of any product. By formulating clear requirements in advance that leave no room for interpretation, you prevent disappointment afterwards and help your business move forward. Do you want to become more proficient in the requirements process and demonstrate that you understand your profession by means of internationally recognized certification? Then follow one of our specialized training courses.
  • Why Capgemini Academy?

    • Part of one of the largest, most innovative IT service providers worldwide
    • Large training offer: both fully online and available in class
    • Most training courses include certification and exam
    • Trainers with passion, didactic skills and a good dose of practical experience as an IT professional
    • Our students rate our training courses with an average of 8.6

    Classroom, online, blended and in-company

    Capgemini Academy offers its training in a wide variety of formats. Of course, you can choose from classroom, online or blended, but often you can also follow your training 'In Company'. So, within the walls of your own organization. To make the training sessions even more fun and to ensure that you get even more return from your training hours, we use various tools and methods. Think of video, games, quizzes, webinars and use of practical cases. And if you still have questions after your training? Our trainers are happy to help you.

    What are Requirements?

    With clear requirements, you ensure that a product meets all expectations from various stakeholders. A good requirement is concise and specific and answers the question “what do we need?” It is understood by all concerned and can only be interpreted in one way. To leave no room for interpretation, continuous feedback from those involved is important. Cooperation between all parties is the key to success.

    Why Requirements

    A good requirement is a guarantee for a solid product that meets all requirements. Capgemini Academy offers you the tools and techniques to draw up watertight requirements. You learn, among other things, to identify, recognize, describe, validate and manage complete requirements. We help you on your way with templates, guidelines and best practices that have proven their usefulness in practice.

    Who are these Requirements training courses for?

    For anyone who comes into contact with requirements in his or her work, whether that is on the side of the business, user or IT. Think of:

    • Business analysts
    • System analysts
    • Information analysts
    • Product owners
    • Functional designers
    • Key users
    • Requirements engineers
    • Developers
    • Testers

    Which Requirements training courses do we offer?

    Our broad requirements training portfolio consists of subject-oriented training, business-oriented training, training in personal skills and training in specific methodologies and frameworks, such as BCS, BABOK and IREB. We also provide requirements training in the field of Agile. Think of Agile Business Analysis Foundation and Agile Requirements.

    Our Requirements trainers

    Our trainers are specialists in their field. They are trained, fully certified, are part of a professional group and often have hands-on experience. They love nothing more than sharing their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you and are able to link theory to practice like no other. Let's introduce them:

    John Ouderdorp: Trainer Requirements Analysis and Business Analysis

    “I want people not only to know the material, but also to really understand it.”

    Wijnand Lens: Trainer Agile BA

    “It is my passion to make people better in their work, I live for doing that.”