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    Our society is changing fast. In order to be able to respond to these changes, innovation is crucial. The education and training world is no exception: teaching methods are changing and innovative forms of teaching are being introduced. Classical training programs are replaced or supplemented by a variety of solutions. E-learning is an example of one of these solutions. A location-independent training that you can participate in on your own. 


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    Advantages of e-learing

    Students can decide when and where they take an e-learning course. They can work at their own pace. The contents of the course are fixed, so every student is given the same information in an interactive manner. This makes e-learning a very efficient solution to train a large group of employees at the same time. Since it is not necessary to rent a classroom or hire a trainer for e-learning, it saves costs.


    E-learning has many advantages. Capgemini Academy has a broad experience in designing and developing e-learning modules. We do this based on the ADDIE model, which we tailored to add our own steps and delivery moments. Capgemini Academy offers you expertise on digital learning, graphical design and e-learning development. 


    What do we offer?

    E-learning is a broad concept. It varies from a simple course with text and images to an extensive course containing many different learning options, such as scenarios and more complex forms of interaction. Capgemini Academy has grouped the learning options into three levels in order to add structure to the functional possibilities. This enables you to make an informed choice Read more about e-learning in our brochure.


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