• Testing? Why?

    Testing is getting more and more important. ICT products and processes currently have to meet higher quality requirements than ever. Information systems of different organizations are increasingly integrated to work as efficiently as possible. With a growing interest of ICT organizations are facing bigger risks by failing (new) systems and the consequences for their production and customers. Appropriate test expertise offers you and your organization a solution for this. 
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    Testing is a profession

    Testing has grown into a professional discipline. It is no longer an additional activity to you normal activities. It is a profession with its own techniques asking for specific skills. Capgemini Academy offers learning tracks and single trainings to acquire the necessary test expertise and practice with it.  

    Training curriculum testing

    In our curriculum you will find training for a variety of roles in the test profession, including training for acceptance testers in the user organization. We pay attention to all necessary competences, both technical and managerial, and communication skills. 

    Methods and techniques

    In our trainings we highlighted the use of standardized test methods and techniques, applied in practice today. We use the TMap® Next (Test Management Approach) test method as a basis for all test training. In our specialized training you will learn amongst other things the methods TPI® (Test Process Improvement) and RUP® (Rational Unified Process). Our test training is focused on both testing in system development situations (linear and iterative approach) and testing in off the shelf solutions (package based testing). 

    Curriculum for Testing

    The curricula provided by Capgemini Academy contain subject-oriented courses, business-oriented education, training in personal skills and training in specific methods and techniques. Download our curriculi here.