• AnyTime AnyPlace Exams APMG

    Capgemini Academy offers multiple exams to be taken in a 'AnyTime AnyPlace' format. This means that you can take the exam at home, at work or at any other location that is convenient for you. All you have to do is book the exam and take it.

    How do you take the exam?

    The 'AnyTimeAnyPlace' exams are web proctored. This means that during the exam, you are proctored virtually. You take the exam on your computer and the proctor watches you via your webcam. The web proctor ensures that the examination takes place in a correct manner.
    To guarantee a smooth examination, we advise you to do a test at least two days in advance. So you can make sure the location where you want to take the exam, has no flaws. 
    Click here to see if your laptop/pc is configured for a web proctored exam. 

    Exam procedure APMG AnyTime AnyPlace exams

    When you've booked your exam, APMG sends you a exam voucher and you continue following these steps:
    • Go to the APMG website
    • Create a profile using your exam voucher
    • Select the date and time for your exam, available time-slots will be displayed
    • You will receive the details of the exam procedure together with a confirmation email.
    • Your web proctor will guide you through the exam procedure
    • You will be informed by e-mail, when the official result is published.


    Exam pre-conditions

    You can take the AnyTime AnyPlace exam when you meet the following conditions:
    • Your basic knowledge of the English language is sufficient to communicate with the web proctor
    • You are in possession of a laptop/computer with microphone, speakers, webcam and Windows XP / Mac OS X or later
    • You have the aforementioned laptop/computer with a Web browser that can work with the Guardian browser. Check here if your device is able to work with that.
    • You have internet access with sufficient bandwidth
    • You have a guaranteed undisturbed area where you can take the exam
    • The place where you do the exam must be empty, quiet and well-lit.
    • You have a reflective object in order to show the corners of your screen
    • You have your ID ready

    The full list of the conditions can be found in the Terms and Conditions of APMG.


    Terms and conditions APMG

    The APMG Terms and Conditions are applied to this exam. These can be viewed on the APMG website.