Nowadays we’re witnessing great change and heavy disruption in innovation and technology. The pace at which we go through change is probably higher than ever before.  These circumstances create opportunities for anyone active in IT. But they also create the obligation to continuously stay up to date on the most recent developments in the field of technology, also known as ‘Technotrends’.


    Talking to both our customers as our students, we realized that more people are struggling to keep up with these trends every day. Capgemini Academy would like to facilitate these people. Therefore we came up with our own approach to Technotrends: “What’s Next”.


    We’ll be posting ‘What’s Next’ video’s to this page and our social channels on a regular base. In short video’s, we’ll tell you more about that specific subject. Without boring you of course.


    The videos will all be on different subjects. But they will all be part of a series. Like for example Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Do you have tips or is there a subject which you would like to know more about? Let us know! Send us a message via the contact form.