• The Future is Digital

    Capgemini Academy sees the value of IT increase by the day. We observe the most crucial business processes being trusted into the hands of digitalization and automation. From very close we witness the urge to innovate; How IT becomes faster, smarter and even more limitless. And how in this vortex, people need to move along, sometimes even against their own will. Everyone in IT realizes that they have to keep up with developments. The one who does not, becomes obsolete very soon. Those who seriously work on maintaining their knowledge and expertise needed for their work and organization, remain of added value.

    Digital is the key to success and the condition for continuous growth within successful companies. 'Digital Victory' is what these companies strive for. They are agile organizations in which the customer comes first. Organizations in which autonomous teams work cloud-based and data-driven. These organisations dare to take on the 'Digital Challenge' and they truly realize what the most important aspect is on the road to Digital victory: the People.

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    Capgemini Academy supports the individual IT professionals, who identify and accept one constant: the constant change. The ones who embrace change and want to deliver what is asked from them in the future. With our 'Digital & Transformation' courses we make sure that they are up to date on the latest developments within their field of work.

    Digital Customer Experience

    Loyal customers are crucial to a healthy turnover. It is not just important to find customers but it is also important to keep them. This not easy these days with demanding customers, increasing competition and growing (digital) channels. It works only if you serve your clients consistently and uniquely through all possible channels. So that they are instantly recognized and always get the same experience; when, where or how they connect .... This is the essence of (Digital) Customer Experience.

    Why is it attractive for your business?

    As a company, you are increasingly likely to face terms like "customer experience", "digital customer service" and "customer journeys". But do you know what you do with these terms? Are you able to improve the (digital) customer experience of your customers with the so-called "customer journey mapping"?


    A distinctive (digital) customer experience has a direct influence on the behaviour of your customers: they buy more, remain your customer longer and recommend you to other potential customers. This behaviour in turn leads to higher sales, retention, market share, and finally to realize your financial KPIs.

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    Capgemini will support you in achieving a distinctive Digital Customer Experience. We achieve this with our vision of customer service, the business case for digital strategy and a practical roadmap, conceiving and realizing new customer journeys and digital customer service. We have brought together all our international knowledge on Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, CRM, eCommerce and digital marketing and campaign management.

    Capgemini can transform your organization into an efficient and streamlined digital enterprise together with our technology partners and our hands-on experience in online and mobile.

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