• The role of a Data Engineer

    An experienced data engineer is the man or woman who is capable of actually implementing technical solutions. Concentrated on the Business Intelligence field of expertise, you are the man or woman that makes sure the promises made by the IT organization are kept. You're the person that makes the data flow and makes sure the right report is generated.


    Capgemini Academy can support you to acquire this knowledge. For this purpose, we have developed several training courses


    What does a Data Engineer do?

    As a data engineer you have several possible roles.


    For business intelligence we extract the needed data from several databases and store it in the so called 'data warehouse'. To do this, all kinds of scripts and techniques are used. A data engineer creates these scripts. It's possible that he has to work on several platforms for this, because the relevant data can be found on several platforms.


    Another role is the implementing information products role. At business intelligence we eventually want to deliver information products (reports, cubicles) to support the business. The data engineer creates the reports with these products. In this role you're also heavily involved with the business. 


    Which competences?

    A proper performance in a data engineer's profession asks a lot. You have to be able to find your way in several databases. Besides that, you have to be able to create scripts to extract information from databases.


    As creator of information products, you have to be able to use the tools in which these products are created. Besides this you have to talk to the business, to be able to answer their needs. Our curriculum offers several training courses that can be used to develop these skills. This also requires the right consultancy skills. In our curriculum we have several training courses on consultancy and communication that can help the data engineer.


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