• Competence Radar

    CompetentiepaspoortWhat is the effect of training?

    Do you want to understand the existing capabilities of your IT professionals? Efficient training resulting in flexibility, speed and cost? Increase (internal) mobility of your (IT) professionals?

    It is essential that your employees continue to develop the right skills.


    The Competence Radar will help you.

    You quickly get a focused advice for their further development.


    What is Competence Radar?

    The Competence Radar is an online questionnaire which enables IT professionals to understand how to continually to develop in a specific area of expertise.

    The questionnaire is based on the competencies that are important in this area of expertise, divided into technical, personal and business competencies.


    The Competence Radar is aligned with market standards for IT professionals, among others, the standard Capgemini, the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF), The Open Group and Skills For the Information Age (Sfia).




    Download de folderHow to profit from the Competence Radar

    The Competence Radar provides insight into the extent to which IT professionals manage competencies that are important to their area of expertise.


    This way your employee and you as a management get direction and advise for development and training.

    What this looks like, you can see in the example report. Currently the example report is only available in Dutch but we deliver the Competence Radar in English too..


    The Competence Radar is available standard for all areas of expertise in our portfolio.


    Would you like to know if the Competence Radar is available for the areas of expertise for in your organization?

    Or do you want a Competence Radar tailored for your organization?


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    Have you become curious about  the Competence Radar?

    Competentieradar demoCheck out straight away a demo of the questionnaire, this is an abridged version of the questionnaire for the field of Information Management. The subsequent report will be shown through this link.


    Currently both the demo and the report are only available in Dutch, but we can deliver this service also in English.



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