• What is Workplace Learning?

    Workplace Learning

    Learning on the job, recipy for the best results.


    • 70% of what we learn, comes from our daily work. For example, we get new assignments and challenging jobs, of which we do not exactly know how to do them. By doing them anyway, we learn. Sometimes by trial and error.
    • 20% of our new knowledge and skills, we develop through feedback and tips from colleagues and by watching how other people do it.
    • 10% of what we learn, we extract from formal learning contexts, such as training, e-learning and workshops.

    That's what we call 70:20:10. 


    Workplace Learning, also referenced to as learning on the job, fits into the 20%, but also in 70% of 70:20:10. You will learn when working and from your work. We offer Workplace Learnings in the field of communication and professional skills, Project Management, and more. Where interaction between people is important, such as at the intersection of business and IT, between the Operation and Management, between Change and Run.


    Workplace Learning focuses on developing competencies. Competence-based for Capgemini means that we are not satisfied, until you independently can apply what you learned in the complex practice of your work. It goes beyond a training where you practice skills in a situation outside of work. We offer theory and exercises, but the focus is on the application in your practice. To achieve this, you get personal guidance.


    Learning Individually


    For many subjects in the fields of communication and professional skills we find that the differences among participants are big. The steps one person has to take to develop differ very much from those of another person needs to take. Would you for instance like to be better in 'persuasion', then need a lot of other things than your colleagues. One person has little self-confidence, the second lacks some skills, the third is convinced that persuading and convincing are one an the same and has a moral problem. Workplace learning is an individual approach. So we are able to teach each participant 'persuasion' in a way that fits and is effective.

    Flexible in many ways


    Due to the individual setup Workplace Learning gives you maximum flexibility. The schedule will be set up in agreement with you, the participant. You can start at any time. And even the content is flexible, you define purpose and content yourself together with the coach.


    Great way to learn


    To develop yourself in your own work environment is the starting point. With the coach, you choose the activities from your work as a case study for training. This way you can prepare a presentation, meeting or conversation or for example set up a tight schedule "with the coach". You will actively pursue your learning goals if you give a presentation or the meeting takes place. Afterwards you will have contact with the coach and evaluate what happened and if you are closer to your learning goal.

    We adapt the way preparation and reflection occur, to your learning preferences. So no role playing and humming cameras if you do not like it, but a way of learning that suits your learning style.


    Your work can continue


    Because we integrate learning and working to a maximum, you do not have to leave work for two days. You take full advantage of the possibilities. You learn and your work continues. And your effectiveness in your work is additionally increased.


    Fixed Price

    Workplace Learning paths have a fixed price. So you know where you stand. The number of counseling sessions can vary from person to person. One person needs more support, examples or feedback than others to master a skill. We focus on a turnaround time of 2 to 3 months, which contain about 6 to 8 hours contact between trainer and participant.



    We offer Workplace Learning on the following topics: