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    In this training we teach you the application of successful risk management, and we prepare you for the M_o_R Practitioner exam.

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    With an Incompany training you have several advantages:

    - You choose the location
    - You experience the training with your colleagues, so it is always in line with your practice
    - The trainer can tailor explanations, examples and assignments to your organization
    - In consultation exercises can be adapted to organization-specific questions

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    What is Management of Risk (M_o_R®) Practitioner

    Every organization wants to use as many opportunities as possible. Implement projects, programs and jobs more effectively. The greatest possible result comes out of the investment you put in.
    Within your organization the various ways that opportunities and threats may arise are being examined. We can put opportunities and threats together under the heading 'Risk'. As we look at various ways to the risks, you can say that your risk management is not optimal.
    Management of Risk describes an integrated approach to risk management for the entire organization. This allows you to involve everyone in risk management within your organization and you take care for a structure that invites success.
    The method Management of Risk from Axelos is a model for integrated risk management which can further help you in setting up risk management.
    This training includes a voucher for the official, internationally recognized exam.
    The costs of the exam voucher are included in the price of the training. Shortly after the start of the training you will receive a voucher with which you can reserve your exam.
    Bear in mind that you must plan your exam at least 5 working days in advance.
    For more info check: https://academy.capgemini.nl/en/topic/exams-capgemini-academy


    Who should attend Management of Risk (M_o_R®) Practitioner

    This training is for people who want to delve further into the application and implementation of a framework for risk management.
    You work, for example, in a role as:

    • Corporate manager – end responsible for corporate governance and the overall risks that your organization has to deal with
    • Programmamanager – responsible for risks in change programmes
    • Projectmanager – risks in managing projects
    • Operational manager – responsible for the management of risks that affect the continuity of your business processes

    Or you are responsible for the implementation or execution of activities in the area of:

    • Risk identification and evaluation
    • Risk management at Programme or Porfolio level


    Before you participate in this training you must have followed the Foundation training. To take the exam, you must be in possession of the Foundation certificate.


    Have you obtained the M_o_R® Foundation certificate and gained knowledge and experience in applying risk management? Then this training helps you to better implement the framework. During the trainingwe thoroughly review the most important topics of the guideline and practice with the style of questions (Objective Test) of the M_o_R® Practitioner exam. The training focuses on the application of risk management, using your own examples as much as possible.
    Exam Information

    • Exam duration (minutes): 180 min
    • % extra time for non-native speakers: 25%
    • Number of exam questions: 80
    • Minimum to pass out of total questions: 40
    • Exam style: Multiple choice
    • Open Book: Yes

    M_o_R® is a registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS. All rights reserved.

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    A.4.Product/Service Planning     
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    E.3.Risk Management