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    This 3-day training enables learners to design, deliver and manage Cloud services. It provides a hands-on, practical approach to understanding how Cloud computing impacts development and operations.

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    With an Incompany training you have several advantages:

    - You choose the location
    - You experience the training with your colleagues, so it is always in line with your practice
    - The trainer can tailor explanations, examples and assignments to your organization
    - In consultation exercises can be adapted to organization-specific questions

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    What is CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager including exam voucher

    • The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) Professional Cloud Service Manager™ certification enables learners to design, deliver and manage Cloud services. The certification provides a hands-on, practical approach to understanding how Cloud computing and Cloud-based services impact development and operations, and how to adapt existing processes to deliver better services.
    • Cloud computing has become one of the most important buzzwords in our fast-paced world. Its benefits have been recognized by a varied set of professionals and organizations, from reduced costs to collaboration efficiency and scalability. Microsoft, Google, and Adobe are only a few of the major companies using it to great effect.
    • IT management has been increasingly under pressure to deliver more agile IT services and adapt to the changes inherent to interconnected and complex IT environments. It is no wonder then that service management professionals play an increasingly important role in helping organizations optimally ensure measurable service delivery and management in Cloud environments. Organizations interested in offering repeatable, flexible and scalable services, however, are struggling to find skilled professionals capable of contributing to their digital transformation journey.
    • The industry-recognized CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager certification is recognized and supported by several key technology vendors and standards bodies. It provides you a case study with related exercises such as multiple-choice questions and workbook activities. We made sure to include various high-quality reference materials that you can go back to throughout your career advancement.
    Once the certification exam is passed, you are awarded a diploma and digital badge officially recognizing you have achieved the CCC Professional Service Manager certification and are now a member of the Cloud Credential Council’s global community.
    This training includes a voucher for the official, internationally recognized exam.
    The costs of the exam voucher are included in the price of the training. Shortly after the start of the training you will receive a voucher with which you can reserve your exam.
    Bear in mind that you must plan your exam at least 5 working days in advance.
    For more info check: https://academy.capgemini.nl/en/topic/exams-capgemini-academy


    Who should attend CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager including exam voucher

    The following departments benefit from CCC Cloud Technology Associate-certified professionals:

    • Administrative/Management
    • Legal
    • Operations
    • Research & Development
    • Other

    CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager jobs include:

    • Audit Managers
    • Auditors of Cloud Computing Services
    • Compliance Managers
    • Email System Administrators
    • Network Engineers / Administrators
    • Risk Management Managers
    • Security Engineers / Analysts
    • Solution Architects
    • System Administrators / Architects


    Once you become CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager-certified, you will be able to:

    • Recall cloud service management terminology, definitions, and concepts
    • Explain basic terminology related to cloud service management
    • Analyze an organization’s strategic assets and capabilities to successfully design, deploy, and run cloud services
    • Identify and explain the important roles involved in cloud service management
    • Compare the relationship between the cloud provider and cloud consumer
    • Differentiate between potential risks and benefits of adopting a cloud strategy.
    • Produce an initial cloud adoption strategy
    • Illustrate the benefits and drive the adoption of cloud-based services within an organization
    • Identify strategies to reduce risk and remove issues associated with the adoption of cloud computing and cloud-based services
    • Analyze the impact of demand and how to “right-size” cloud services at the design stage
    • Analyze effective demand management across cloud-based service models
    • Illustrate the benefits, risks, and issues of DevOps within an IT organization
    • Select appropriate structures for designing, deploying, and running cloud-based services within traditional IT organizations
    • Outline the various pricing models for cloud services
    • Examine the challenges of purchasing cloud-based services
    • Diagram a hybrid IT cost model
    • Discover key governance requirements of cloud service provision.
    • Model cloud service management principles into ICT operations and IT service management
    • Demonstrate how to link cloud value back to IT strategy
    • Name a number of popular and relevant IT frameworks and standards
    • Predict the complexities involved in designing, deploying, and running cloud services.
    • Compare and contrast cloud service management with traditional IT service management in the existing IT organization
    • Outline what a cloud marketplace is and differentiate between the consumer’s and provider’s perspective of a cloud marketplace

    Exam Information

    • Exam duration (minutes): 75 min
    • % extra time for non-native speakers: 0%
    • Number of exam questions: 25
    • Minimum to pass out of total questions: 17
    • Exam style: Multiple choice
    • Open Book: No
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    At Capgemini Academy we believe in transparency and clarity in the training landscape. That is why, in the table below, we show you to which e-CF competence this training or certification contributes. For more information about how to use the e-Competence Framework read more here. If you want to know how you can apply the e-CF within your organization, read more on this page.

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    A.3.Business Plan Development     
    A.5.Architecture Design     
    A.7.Technology Trend Monitoring     
    E.7.Business Change Management