• Digital Learning Hub


    Digital Learning hub as an accelarator for digital transformation

    Upskilling your people has become the key to success in a world that is being influenced by digital technologies. A competitive market, disrupted by new and agile players, raises the bar for employees to improve their skillsets to stay competitive in their field. Employers, in turn, face a war for talent. Therefore we must support people to integrate digital in their daily work. By making it accessible and low key.


    The Digital Learning Hub helps to build your Digital Talent community and enable easy access to knowledge and training. It provides a platform that is easy adaptable and helps your employees to become more digital savvy.


    The Digital Learning Hub is an online platform that:

    • unlocks learning content on your key pillars for digital.
    • makes (hidden) initiatives and projects visible for the rest of the organisation
    • is a platform for cross-departmental knowledge sharing.
    • is fully adaptable to changing needs
    • is based on latest digital age learning principles.


    We encourage you to use the Digital Learning hub for open and transparent communication online. People can find colleagues right away and give the opportunity to send in ideas low key.


    Personalised learning with context rich and a blend of learning content types

    The success of digital learning hub is defined by the relevance of content that is made available. We believe that content can come from many sources: the intranet, marketing video’s, project descriptions or open source content (e.g. websites, YouTube). A mix of different learning content types enables people to learn with their personal preference and in their own pace.


    Should we develop new content all over again? Not all of it. We curate content together with your digital experts. Curating means assembling rich content on topics and add context to it. In addition, we develop content that is needed. We host workshops with your stakeholders to design the best fit. Ensuring high adoption rates fast.


    Microsoft Office365: Ecosystem integrated in daily work

    The Digital Learning Hub is based on Microsoft Office365 Sharepoint services and allows you to easily integrate the solution into your exisiting infrastructure and to connect or access the relevant services (e.g. access an LMS).


    Regardless the chosen solution, Capgemini Academy offers the setup of the Digital Learning Hub, user training, user support and the handover into your organisation to ensure maximum results.


    Sustain your efforts

    We believe in digital transformation. Not just in delivering a platform. Digital Learning hubs are an integral part of your digital transformation efforts. That is why we train and coach your team to help them sustain the Digital Learning Hub and transformation.


    Get up to speed

    It doesn’t matter if you choose standard, medium or pro. We help you to get up to speed and accelerate the use of your Digital Learning Hub. This includes adoption, support and communication advise.


    Do you want to hear the full story?

    Watch the webinar: https://academy.capgemini.nl/thema/webinar-digital-learning-hub


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