• Electronic Performance Support (EPSS)

    Improve the performance of end users and increase the efficiency of your organization. Give your employees the training and support at the moment of need.


    Flexibility for optimal business

    The market changes rapidly. Keeping pace on these changes ask for:


    … a quicker time-to-market of new services and products. Clients demand a higher quality of services and products in a shorter amount of time.


    … increased flexibility of organizations and their employees. It asks an agile way of working to adapt organizational processes fast and in a practical manner. And to realize supporting ICT solutions. Flexibility is also applicable to the workforce. Employees need to perform more with the same or less amount of people in their team.


    Flexible workforce

    Trends in the market have consequences for end users of applications. New employees have to be on boarded as soon as possible. The same counts for existing employees when processes or applications change or when their role changes.  In addition, new generation employees are used to search and share digital information quickly.


    Supplying employees with the right information and training on the workplace, prevents major mistakes in work and secures knowledge retention in the organization, when people leave the organization.


    Training and support that fits

    A flexible workforce asks for training and support that is individual focused and delivered on the moment of need. Training and support come from a variation of sources: e-learning, (interactive) instructional video’s or documentation, and context rich help.


    An Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) offers an integrated approach of training and support to keep up with the market developments and changing training need.


    Integrated approach, supported by an EPSS.

    An Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) delivers exactly the right training, information or help for end users to perform in the application, just-in-time. It integrates a diversity of materials in one tool: e-learning, (interactive) instructional videos or documentation, and context rich help and a simulated real-life training environment that is available anytime. Materials can be developed and adjusted very quick.


    Training is delivered by e-learning at the moment the employee needs it. Training materials and documentations are digitally and custom made available.


    In this way, employees are quickly on boarded on new or changed applications, by giving the training and support they need. Changes in processes can be directly passed, so employees are kept up-to-date.


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