• Open PM²

    Open PM²OpenPM² is a project management methodology designed by the European Commission.

    Its purpose is to enable project teams to manage their projects effectively, and to deliver solutions and benefits to their organisations and stakeholders.


    While OpenPM² is suitable for any type of project, it is ideal for projects related to the public sector, or EU programmes and grants.


    OpenPM² is a free version of the PM² developed by the Commission in 2007. It incorporates elements from globally accepted best practices, standards and methodologies.

    OpenPM² gives open access to the PM², widening the circle of beneficiaries across Europe and enriching the methodology with additional good practices and examples. It aims to improve project management competency in the EU.

    What OpenPM² offers now:

    • PM² Guide - Open Edition
    • PM² Templates
    • PM² Online resources (wiki)
    • A Project Support Network (PSN) - a network/community of PM² users that can support each other in rolling-out PM² in their organisations, and with using the PM² methodology in their projects.

    Read the OpenPM² leaflet.

    Download the PM² Guide (latest version 3.0 published in October 2018).

    Visit the OpenPM² public website.

    All information courtesy of ISA² and the European Commission.


    Would you like to enroll in a PM² training, book it in our open schedule.

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