• Webinar: Help! The IT robots take over my job as an IT Professional

    Help! De IT robots nemen mijn werk als IT Professional over.

    How do I stay in an IT job the next few years? These are indeed exciting times for the IT Professional. Maybe at this moment there is enough and interesting work but that may just be different next year. So stay on track!


    Co Siebes shows how to be well prepared for the future and how different frameworks for competency development can help you. There are several competence frameworks popular in the world. In Europe the e-Competence Framework (e-CF) is increasingly used.


    The reason for developing this framework was because we were lagging behind in Europe and losing a lot of money. Europe is good at inventing IT technologies, think of "old" technologies like Bluetooth, cloud, text messaging but other regions of the world made them a success. Let us ensure that we remain at the helm in the development of IT Robots (also a European Innovation).

    This webinar is in Dutch and has English subtitles.


    Co Siebes, Lead Consultant Workforce Transformation bij Capgemini Academy.

    Co Siebes develops competence profiles in collaboration with our customers and designs specifi curriculi. Co also is an advisor for the European Committee in hte development and implementation of the e-Competence Framework.