• Wat is DevOps?

    Ask this question to 100 people and you will get 100 different answers. But many of those answers have these elements in common:

    Wat is DevOps

    • While Agile was mainly focused on incremental and iterative development of products, we are expanding this in the DevOps concept to getting these products to end users quickly, safely and without risk. While we have broken down the 'wall' between end user and developer with Agile, with DevOps we break down the 'wall' that often still exists between development (Dev) and operations (Ops). In doing so, we make teams responsible for both the development and the operation of a product ("You build it, you run it"). This often requires a substantial culture change.
    • DevOps also focuses on the automation of all the steps required to (eventually) get a developed product quickly, safely and without risk to the end user: "automate everything". This mainly includes automated testing, automated infrastructure and many "as a (self) service" concepts..
    • Within DevOps, continuous feedback, both technically and functionally, plays a crucial role in getting ever better products and an increasingly better process. This includes a culture in which continuous improvement and experimentation, and therefore also making mistakes and learning from them, predominate.

    Finally, DevOps enables organizations, together with management innovation according to the concept of Transformational Leaderhip and product innovation according to the Lean Startup, to remain or become 'antifragile' and thus to continue to exist in our dynamic world in which the competition comes from an increasingly unexpected angle.


    DevOps Courses

    Within Capgemini Academy we are already offering a complete portfolio of Agile training courses. Naturally, these training courses also remain interesting in a DevOps context. DevOps can not do without Agile.


    But of course we also have interesting DevOps-specific training courses. Below is the overview from which you can compile your favorite curriculum. Do you have any questions? Let us know via the contact form!


    DevOps Awareness: first acquaintance

    Do you have no idea what DevOps is and do you want to be able to talk about it? Then follow the DevOps Awareness training course. In just one morning, afternoon or evening we offer you a broad overview of the many things that have a link with DevOps.


    DASA DevOps Fundamentals: broad course including certification

    DevOps Fundamentals is one of the training courses from the certification program of DASA, the DevOps Agile Skills Organization, the leading certification in the field of DevOps.


    This training course offers you a complete overview of the origin of DevOps in three days; the six DevOps principles; cultural aspects; organization around autonomous teams based on autonomous architecture; the relationship with ITIL, Agile and Lean; automation and cloud; measure and improve. If you already have a lot of prior knowledge in the field of Lean and / or Agile, then this training course will contain some overlap.


    The exam associated with this training is 'web-proctored'.


    This means that you get a voucher code during the training, which you can use to take the exam online at a time and place that suits you best, while you are monitored from a distance. More information about this training, including the program, can be found on the DevOps Fundamentals page.


    DASA DevOps Professional - Enable and Scale: focus on people and culture

    Within the DASA competency model we distinguish eight technical 'knowledge areas' and four 'skill areas' in which the focus is set on people and culture. In the DASA DevOps Professional - Enable and Scale training course you specialize in these four skill areas (Courage, Teambuilding, Leadership and Continuous improvement) and on the important DevOps principle "Customer-Centric Action". This training course is therefore not about technical aspects of DevOps, but about the human and cultural aspects!


    An exam is also included with this DASA training course. More information, including the program of this course can be found on the DASA DevOps Professional - Enable and Scale page.


    SAFe DevOps

    The creators of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), the leading framework for applying Lean, Agile and DevOps at an organization-wide level, are contributing more and more subject-specific content to the framework. The SAFe DevOps training course is a good example of this. This training course is especially suitable if you already know something about Lean, Agile and DevOps and want to start using DevOps better. During the training you create a Value Stream Map for your current Delivery Pipeline. After that you discover what points you can work on for more speed and more quality in your process. We do this based on a case study and the DevOps Health Radar.


    After the training you have 30 days to take the online exam included in the training. More information, including a brochure, can be found on the SAFe DevOps page.

    Who is DevOps for?



    Every organization can improve by applying the DevOps concept. Small startups, large multinationals, not-for-profit organizations, governments: it does not matter. After all, all those organizations benefit from the rapid availability of high-quality products and services. And so satisfied customers!


    Within all these organizations, it is important that everyone involved in the total life cycle of the product and service offering is aware of DevOps. So from everyone who is operationally involved, through management to the board of directors. But there are also consequences for, for example, HR. You can read more about this in our DevOps white paper.